A productive, organized day to day experience

Our simple system is designed to help you to find balance, focus and increase productivity through a combination of elegant design, self-discovery questions and the desire you have inside you to grow!

Luxury Sustainable Planners

Ethically sourced artisan paper for the best writing experience.

We use high quality paper that is
both beautiful and durable.

Pick the layout that works best for you.

Choose from our 90-Day Planner
or Weekly Planner designed to
be used over an entire year.

Limited Edition Sustainable Covers

Our planners give a fresh lease of life
to offcuts from high-end designers
whilst reducing the amount of waste
from the fashion and textile industry.

How do our planners help society become more sustainable?

An Offcut is one of a kind, unused material leftover from your favourite designers after cutting patterns for their collection. Due to the size and shape, offcuts are often dumped into landfills.
Hence, we decided to upcycle these pieces to create sustainable, handmade planners for you.
Traditional bookbinding and screen-printing methods are used to create our luxury planners whilst supporting craftsmanship and artisans in India.
All materials, including the paper are ethically sourced.

Together we can spread the sustainable message.



Short-term goals. Long-term goals. They’re all within reach when you break them down into actionable steps.



Life Happens – We know it. Your planner helps you keep your eye on your priorities.



All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Plan your week to encourage a healthy work-life balance.



Seeing your weeks and months at a glance will help you to plan more effectively.



Questions designed to help you reflect on how you felt about your progress over the past week or month and the obstacles you have encountered along the way.



Our weekly quotes will keep you motivated and energized to keep hustling.



Be aware of your thoughts and nourish gratitude and positivity.



Form new habits for success and track your consistency.

The Kick-Ass Planner will not only encourage you to start thinking about your goals but also to make taking action towards them a part of your daily life.


  • A higher success rate with achieving goals.
  • A productive, organized day to day experience.
  • Feeling like a total bad-ass.
  • An amazing mix of self-discovery, revelation, and clarification.
  • Better control over thoughts and feelings.
  • Becoming more mindful and self-aware.
  • A more balanced, vibrant life.
  • Inner and outer self-transformation.
  • Having a companion through it all.
  • It could absolutely, truly change your life.


Each planner comes beautifully packaged with tissue paper and a gold silk ribbon in a black box, perfectly sized for your planner or keepsakes you collect during the year.

It also makes it a perfect gift with a luxury feel.

As Featured On

The Kick-Ass Planner is a handy tool for those who can use a hand with organizing several aspects of a busy life. I recommend it - whether you’re straight out of uni starting a career or looking to re-organize mid-way. Self-discovery questions combined with daily to monthly journaling (proactive & reflective) prompt me to evaluate my focus areas, helps me to work towards my goals and reminds me to maximize my journey. The beautiful fabric (I have the blue floral one) is an added bonus. The idea that there are only so many planners out there made of “my” fabric, adds an exclusive and personal touch. It was a gift and I love it.

Jessica Kampman

Love ‘me’ time in the evening after I switch off ALL my devices (no more blue light emitting whatever!) to unwind and reflect on my day. This is my ritual before bed, and lets me relax.

Peach Fujisawa

What a brilliant and life changing journal! This keeps me motivated daily and especially love the breaking of tasks into smaller manageable ones so the objective seems less daunting and gives a clear path. It also helped me look at some habits I needed to address that hindered my progress and that was a great personalized touch which helps me daily with my self development. I love how it is easy to use, great layout and helps to account for my time throughout then day!!

Michelle Rose

I was really amazed by the quality of this Self Planner. Fine printed, high quality cover and content full of useful tools how to achieve goals and organise your life better way. It's focusing not only on your career goals but other as well which are important like family, friends, lifestyle. It will change your life!! I highly recommend it

Monika Rok

This is really amazing tool that motivates me and making my days the most productive and I could focus easily on my goals! I love layout and unique design it’s so elegant and so easy to use. I will get this also for my husband as it’s big life changer for me and I’m sure he won’t be able to live without it! Highly recommend this planner! Best on the market!!

Erika Leone

I’ve had many planners over the years, but they tend to be dull and predictable. This is just the cutest diary I have ever seen! I love the couture house remnants it is made with, it looks unique and colourful, and sustainable too! It's full of insightful tips and keeps the task of updating a diary fun. Useful idea, perfect as a gift to oneself or any other!

Kali S. Smith

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