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Do you ship to my country?

We ship worldwide to almost every country.

How much are your delivery charges?

We offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $80 and a flat rate of $7.95 for orders under $80.

Are your planners dated?

Our planners are undated so you can start them at any time of the year.

How are your two planners different from each other?

Both planners carry a similar concept; incorporating tools for effective planning, goal setting, productivity and mindset.
Our ‘90-Day Planner’ is a more thorough self-development and prioritization system perfect for those who love to plan, reflect and maximize personal development. ‘The Weekly Planner’ is for those who have less time to planning everyday but still an incredibly useful tool. Your lifestyle and your goals will determine which planner is best for you.

‘The Weekly Planner’ contains 275 full color pages designed to be used over an entire year. It has a general focus on personal development, incorporating mindset and self-reflecting questions, and goal setting. It also consists of a weekly, monthly and a yearly review section.

‘The 90-Day Planner’ contains 170 full color pages that is of course designed to be used for a 90-day planning schedule. Other daily planners don’t incorporate a week at a glance, but we do, so you can have an overview of your week. If you’re searching for a planner that motivates you to be more productive, focused, and organized in your life and feel more positive towards achieving your personal goals, this planner is what you’re looking for.
You can also read detailed descriptions and features of our planners here.

How many days/weeks does your planner account for?

Our ‘Weekly Planner’ is a yearly based planner with a 52-week planning space. It consists of a monthly calendar with step actions to take and a weekly and monthly review.
Our ’90-Day Planner’ has a unique format in which it offers 7 daily pages followed by a weekly check-in. It also has a double page week at a glance for you to have a perfect overview of the week.

What is the size of your planners?

All our planners are of the same size; the dimensions are 8” x 10”.

What are the covers of the planner made of?

Every single one of our Kick-Ass Planner cover is made with gorgeous, designer offcuts. You might be wondering, what exactly is an offcut? It’s a unique one-of-a-kind; unused material left over after your favorite designers have cut the patterns for their collections. Records say that around 25 billion pounds of textile waste material is generated in US alone. Most of these offcuts are generally dumped in a landfill –we do not allow that anymore! We upcycle these pieces, and using traditional bookbinding and screen-printing processes, skilled artisans create each individual planner by hand. That’s why we only release a few planners per design. Each and every one is truly unique.

Why is the Kick-Ass Planner so expensive?

The Kick-Ass planner isn’t some mass-produced product; every planner is an outstanding reflection of the high-end designers we collaborate with, our planners are luxurious, they’ve got a charm. When you buy our planner, keep in mind that it is a limited edition and only 30-50 planners were there in each collection.
Imagine the proud feeling when carrying a planner only you’ve got to own. This paired with the productivity gains you’ll see in return will more than justify the cost concerns –trust us when we say our planners are that lavish!

What is your return policy?

We offer a 14-day return policy in case you change your mind. You can find our full policy here.
If you decide to return the planner, email us at info@kickassplanner to receive a return authorization and address to which you will return the planner.

Do you offer exchange for a product?

Unfortunately, there is a no exchange policy, but we can offer you a refund if the claim is made within 14 days of purchase. For further details refer to the Refund Policy section.

I received my order, but it was damaged. What should I do under these circumstances?

Just send us the pictures of the damage and front and back covers of the planner and your order slip to and we will reply with next steps.



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